Directory A to Z

Emanuele Alves

sylvia buffington-lester

Catherine Connon

Christopher Ehrhardt

Tracey Dawson Green

Susan Greenspoon

Eric Hazelrigg

Eric Hazelrigg

Associate Professor

and Associate Chair

Linda Jackson

Josh Kruger

Marilyn Miller

Jo Murphy

Jo S. Murphy

Department and Community Engagement Coordinator

she / her

Barbara L. Payne

Finance and Administration Coordinator

Michelle Peace

Kate Philpott

Rodney the ram

Donna Ruff

Human Resources Coordinator

Sarah Seashols-Williams

Sarah Seashols-Williams, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

and Graduate Program Director

Tal Simmons

Baneshwar Singh

Baneshwar Singh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

and Faculty Adviser, DDE

Stephen Stockman

Stephanie Walcott

Stephanie Barnhouse Walcott

Assistant Professor

and Undergraduate Program Director

picture of advisor, Stefan Wolder

Stefan Wolder, M.A.

Senior Academic Advisor

Carl Wolf