Department of Forensic Science

Forensic Science is the application of science to the law.

Around every crime is a story. Who was the victim? Who was the culprit? What was their connection? Forensic science is a means to unravel the story. Eyewitnesses, victims and even suspects can forget or can change their stories. The physical evidence never forgets and cannot change. It is the forensic scientist’s job to use, analyze and interpret the physical evidence. They are objective and advocates for the evidence. The criminal investigation may start at the crime scene and end in a courtroom, but an essential part of the process is the forensic laboratory.

Analyzing evidence

Forensic science is the use of the physical sciences to analyze physical evidence in criminal investigations. Forensic scientists work in local, state, and federal government and private laboratories. They testify as the expert witnesses for the state and defense in criminal trials.

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