Why Forensic Science?

Employers recognize VCU’s forensic science program as a leading producer of highly skilled laboratory professionals.

With a degree in forensic science, you'll have a host of marketable technology-oriented, analytical laboratory skills that make you competitive on the national job market. You will be prepared for a versatile cross section of laboratory-based applied science careers including those in local, state and federal government laboratories, as well as those in private forensic laboratories, military/defense agencies, the intelligence community, human rights organizations, pharmaceutics and other private industries.

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The program will prepare entry-level trainees to serve as bench-ready firearms analysts in the area of microscopic comparisons of firearms-related evidence. (Photo courtesy of Stephanie Stephanie Walcott, VCU Department of Forensic Science).

June 1, 2023

New VCU certificate program will train crime lab analysts

Addressing national demand, the 18-month curriculum in forensic firearms examination broadens VCU’s footprint in the field.

Olivia Blackstone, Oscar Kemp and Yathzelly Ortega are just three of thousands of VCU undergraduates who earned their degrees this month.

May 19, 2023

In their words: Crossing the finish line

In a series of short videos, three new VCU graduates capture their thoughts and emotions in the weeks leading up to commencement.

April 26, 2023

‘Learn, discover, and innovate’: VCU celebrates the opening of its new STEM building

VCU held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its 168,000-square-foot building dedicated to STEM with space for more than 10,000 students who will take up to 70 courses each semester.

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