Faculty Mentors

All forensic science majors have a faculty mentor.

How to Select a Mentor

1. Learn more about our faculty.

Visit the faculty directory page or click on the faculty in the table below. Students can select a mentor based on mutual interest area and expertise.

Faculty Focus Areas
Forensic Biology Forensic Chemistry Forensic Physical Evidence
Catherine Connon, Ph.D. Emanuele Alves, Ph.D. Tal Simmons, Ph.D.
Tracey Dawson Green, Ph.D. Christopher Ehrhardt, Ph.D. Stephanie Walcott
Baneshwar Singh, Ph.D. Eric Hazelrigg Stephen Stockman---
Sarah Seashols-Williams, Ph.D. Michelle Peace, Ph.D. ---

2. Send an email to introduce yourself.

Here is a sample email for inspiration:

Dear Dr. _______,

My name is _______ (V-number) and I am a forensic science major pursuing a concentration in _______.  I looked through your faculty page and I was particularly interested by your projects involving _______.

I would like to arrange a time to meet with you to discuss my post-graduation goals further. My availability for a meeting this week is _______ (provide several options).

I look forward to speaking with you!

3. Prepare for your appointment.

  • Know yourself and why you chose the forensic science major. We know it’s cool on TV, but what interests you?
  • Be familiar with the faculty member’s current research and/or areas of interest (use that faculty page!).
  • Do a search for their publications on the VCU Libraries website.
  • If you want to work, find a description of the job you want and come with a printed job description.
  • Don't know what you want to do? Visit What Can I Do With This Major? for some ideas and visit O*Net's Soft Skills page to take a skills inventory. Bring the top three recommendations from the O*Net search as well as the top three that most appeal to you.
  • If you want to attend graduate school, bring information and questions about graduate programs that interest you and be prepared to explain why.
  • Make a list of the things you want to talk about. Use the sample guide below.

Sample Conversation Guide

  1. Introduce yourself
    • Name
    • What drew you to the forensic science major
    • Concentration within the major
    • Post-graduation plans (employment, graduate study, etc.)
    • If you’re interested in getting involved in undergraduate research, now is the time to mention that!
  2. Ask your faculty mentor about opportunities to get involved and ways to strengthen your application to work or further study.
  3. Discuss questions you have about post-graduation plans.
    • Not sure about employment vs. graduate study
    • Creating a strong application for graduate study
    • Making your resume stand out
    • Crafting a cover letter
    • Searching for employment/internships
  4. Schedule your next meeting

4. Follow up.

Follow up after your appointment to thank your mentor for taking time to meet with you and to confirm your next appointment time.