Forensic Science Research

March 30, 2023

The contribution that the Department of Forensic Science is making on the East Marshall Street Well Project was highlighted in President Rao's State of the University address.

Baneshwar Singh

Forensic Science Department Associate Professor, Dr. Baneshwar Singh and Graduate Medical Education student, Ananya Udyaver, explain their part of the research in the EMSW project: looking at the microbiome of the dental calculus of bones of individuals discovered in an abandoned well believed to have been discarded by medical staff in the 1800s. While learning research techniques and the importance of being prepared to keep trying, they are also working to bring honor and dignity to the ancestors and their families as represented by the EMSW Family Representative Council. To learn more about this project and see the full video, go to the VCU State of the University 2023: WMSW Dental Biome Project