Forensic Science Seminar

The Department of Forensic Science hosts a weekly seminar series each semester featuring presentations by faculty, crime laboratory staff, students, and visiting lecturers. This seminar is open to the public. Additionally, forensic science students can also enroll in 1 credit of FRSC 570: Forensic Science Seminar if they would like to attend the entire series to receive academic credit. If you would like to be added to the email list to receive weekly email reminders for seminar, please opt in here



Fall 2020

Coordinator: Dr. Catherine Connon (

When: Wednesdays 2:00-3:30pm EST

Where: Zoom




Date    SpeakerInstitutionSeminar Title
 8/19    Dr. Catherine Connon  VCU Department of Forensic Science
Assistant Professor 
Planted Blood Evidence: Developing a presumptive test for the detection of EDTA in blood 
 8/26    Dr. Christopher Ehrhardt  VCU Department of Forensic Science
Associate Professor 
Digging for the Plague: Understanding Cryptic Reservoirs for Yersinia pestis in the Environment and Implications for Biosurveillance of Threat Agents 
 9/2     Ms Amanda Moffett  US Secret Service
Document Analyst 
Questioned Document Examination 
  9/9     Dr. Ellen McRae Greytak  Parabon NanoLabs, Inc.
Director of Bioinformatics 
Forensic Genetic Genealogy, DNA Phenotyping, and Distant Kinship Analysis Using Genome-Wide SNPs 
 9/16    Ms Amanda Moffett  US Secret Service
Document Analyst 
Currency Analysis 
 9/23    Dr. Daniel Attinger  Iowa State University
Associate Professor – Mechanical Engineering 
Error and uncertainty in bloodstain pattern analysis 
 9/30    Ms Callan Hundl &
            Ms Maddisen Neuman 
Houston Forensic Science Center
Quality Specialist & Quality Research Associate 
Blind Quality Control Program in a Forensic Laboratory 
 10/7    Mrs. Aimee Grimaldi
            Mrs. Paula Evans 
Houston Forensic Science Center
Project Engineer 
Using Lean Sigma Six to Improve Forensics 
10/14    Dr. Christine Picard  Indiana University Purdue University
Indianapolis (IUPUI)
Director – Forensic & Investigative Sciences
Associate Professor – Dept of Biology 
The appearance of flies at a body: what we (don’t) know about the conditions that impact the appearance interval 
10/21    Dr. Charlotte Word  Independent Consultant
Forensic DNA Expert 
Lab Errors and Postconviction Testing 
10/28    Dr. Daniel Atherton  University of Alabama at Birmingham
Associate Medical Examiner
Associate Professor 
Forensic Pathology 
 11/4    Ms Taylor Moldenhauer  VCU Graduate Student
M.S.F.S. Candidate 
Differentiation of Cell Populations Derived from Sexual Assault Samples 
11/11    Mr. Jesse Lindmar  VA Department of Forensic Science
Supervisor – Digital & Multimedia Evidence Section 
Digital and Multimedia Forensics 
11/18    Ms Kinaysha Collazo
VCU Graduate Student
M.S.F.S. Candidate 
The effect of time and temperature on the quality of latent fingerprints on incandescent lightbulbs, varying donors age and sex