Forensic Science Seminar

The Department of Forensic Science hosts a weekly seminar series open to the public each semester featuring presentations by faculty, crime laboratory staff, students, and visiting lecturers.

Forensic science students can enroll in one credit of FRSC 570: Forensic Science Seminar to attend the entire series and receive academic credit.


12:30 p.m. to 1:45 p.m. EDT

Fall '23 Presentations
Date Speaker Topic
Aug. 29

Dr. Rachel Lovell - Assistant Professor of Criminology, Director of the Criminology Research Center -Cleveland State University

Shannon Musson, JD - Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, G.O.L.D./Cold Case Unit - Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office

“Solving Violent Crime Through Lawfully “Owed” DNA: Outcomes of Efforts to Address Missed DNA Samples in Cuyahoga County, OH”

Sept. 5

Alison Simon, Ph.D.
Owner - AGS Forensics, LLC, TSA Contractor - Canine Capabilities Management Team, Adjunct Professor -Oklahoma State University
“Using Chemistry to Support Canine Detection"
Sept. 12 Rick Malone, MD, MPH
Forensic Psychiatrist - N5 Forensic Behavioral Science, LLC 
“Overview of Forensic Behavioral Science”
Sept. 19 Dr. Kelly Ann Meiklejohn
Associate Professor of Forensic Science - North Carolina State University
“From household dust to black bears - new avenues for forensic science biology research”
Sept. 26 Tal Simmons, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Forensic Science - Virginia Commonwealth University
“The East Marshall Street Well Project: Community Driven Research to Restore Identity and Dignity" 
Oct. 3 Nelson Eby
Director, Enterprise Forensics and eDiscovery - GE Healthcare
“Digital Forensics - A Brief Review of Private vs Public Application - (Including stories from the front lines)”
Oct. 10 Daniel Attinger, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant - Struo LLC
“Bias and Uncertainties in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis" 
Oct. 17 Dr. Sheree Hughes
Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Forensic Science, Director of Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science (STAFS) Facility - Sam Houston State University
“Where the worlds of Forensic Biology and Human Decomposition Collide”
Oct. 24 Ryan Hibbard - Chemist
Ryan Kerth - Weapons Technical Intelligence Analyst
Shayne Thompson - Electronics Engineer
“US Navy Forensics for Intelligence”
Oct. 31 Jose R. Almirall, Ph.D.
Distinguished University Professor Emeritus, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry - Florida International University
“Advances in the Analysis of Ignitable Liquid Residues (ILRs) from Fire Debris”
Nov. 14 Morgan Eaton                                                                          Virginia Commonwealth University Graduate Student - M.S.F.S. Candidate “Development of a simple tooth sample preparation procedure for RapidHIT DNA processing”
Nov. 28 Natalie Ortiz
Virginia Commonwealth University Graduate Student - M.S.F.S. Candidate
“Determining Cannabinoid Acetate Analog (delta 9-THC-O-A, delta 8-THC-O-A, and CBD-di-O-A)
Metabolites Using Human Live Microsomes and Rodent Brains and Liver to Determine the Structure
and Rate of Metabolism” 
Dec. 5 Adam Sylvester, Ph.D
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution - The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
“Estimating body mass using bone macro- and microstructure”