Forensic Science Seminar

The Department of Forensic Science hosts a weekly seminar series open to the public each semester featuring presentations by faculty, crime laboratory staff, students, and visiting lecturers.

Forensic science students can enroll in one credit of FRSC 570: Forensic Science Seminar to attend the entire series and receive academic credit.


2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EDT

Spring '23 Presentations
Date Speaker Topic
Jan. 25 Ana Pego, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in Toxicology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice Forensic toxicology: what is it and why is it the coolest science ever?
Feb. 1 Zachary Swanekamp, VCU Graduate Student, M.S.F.S. Candidate Incorporating Tetracaine as an Internal Standard for the Identification of Pharmaceuticals by Direct Analysis in Real Time coupled Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry (DART-TOF-MS)
Feb. 8 David Lewis, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI Richmond Division Unchartered path to Law Enforcement and Intelligence
Feb. 22 Gregory L. Duncan, PhD, Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine, East Carolina University Determining Validity of Patient Presentation: Effort, Malingering, and Ease of Fooling Clinicians
Mar. 1 Carmen Reedy PhD, PMP, Senior Staff, CAG Laboratory Manager; Erin Gorden MFS, Genomics Research Scientist, CAG Research and Development Manager; Michelle Peck MFS, Genomics Research Scientist, CAG Deputy Unit Manager, CAG Validation and QC Manager; and Christina Neal MS, PMP, Senior Staff, CAG Technical Leader Validation and Implementation of Enhanced Forensic Workflows
Mar. 15 Lindsay A. Replogle, VCU Graduate Student, M.S.F.S. Candidate Validation of Whole Horse Blood for the Confirmation and Quantitation of Benzodiazepines Using LCMSMS
Mar. 22 Melinda L. Carter, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Anatomical Sciences, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine at Auburn University How Laws Influence Death Investigation Involving Human Skeletal Remains in the United States
Mar. 29 Charlotte J. Word, PhD, Consultant, Richmond, VA Want a Successful Future in Forensic Science?
Apr. 5 Kala Babb, VCU Graduate Student, M.S.F.S. Candidate The Development of an Extraction Method for the Analysis of Synthetic Opioids in Bone Samples Using the Bead Ruptor
Apr. 12 Teeshavi Acosta, MS, Head Toxicology Technician, CUNY John Jay Determination of Pharmaceuticals and Drugs of Abuse in the New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary Water
Apr. 19 Kylie Richardson, VCU Graduate Student, M.S.F.S. Candidate Assessment of the Acidified Hydrogen Peroxide Method on Uncontrolled Fired Cartridge Case Samples
Apr. 26 Emilee Holmes, VCU Graduate Student, M.S.F.S. Candidate Determination of the Trace Elemental Signature of Drywall Dust and its Implication as Forensic Evidence