Student achievement and retention

Students placed into internships and independent studies

Students Placed into Internships and Independent Studies
Academic YearIndependent StudiesInternships
2019-20 10 3
2018-19 8 2
2017-18 12 5
2016-17 30 5

Student Success

(survey taken 6-12 months after graduation)

Class of 2018 Graduate Placement Statistics
Working in the FRSC field 17%
Working in a lab, not in the FRSC field 21%
Placement into Graduate or Professional School 38%
Other Employment 10%
Not employed 14%
Currently placed in an Internship 0%
Total Responses 29 (of 38 graduates)

Student Retention

Student retention is a measure of students that remain in the program from year to year. VCU's Forensic Science program maintains student interest, resulting in high retention rates. Much of student loss is during the first year due to the challenges in the math and science courses, thus resulting in students who change majors. Our program has a >90% retention rate for upper-classmen (juniors and seniors). The national average retention rate for public universities is 81%, but this does not take into account students that change majors as long as they remain at the university1

1 Data collected from the National Center for Education Statistics (May 2019)

Forensic Science Student Retention Data
Total Undergraduates 374 371 355 349
Retained Students 72.2% 63.3% 69.3% 71.3%
Departed Students Statistics
Change of Major 17.4% 21.8% 20.3% 14.0%
Left University 9.6%% 14.8% 10.4% 14.6%