Change of Major

Before initiating a change of major, concentration or minor, students should contact the office administering the program of study and carefully review the requirements and prerequisites. Credits previously earned at Virginia Commonwealth University or another university may not be applicable to the new academic program.

To request a program change, students should submit the Change of Major/Concentration Form or the Change of Minor Form. The change becomes official after Records and Registration has received authorization from the appropriate school dean, department chair or program head.

Changes made through the add/drop period will apply toward the current semester. Changes made after the add/drop period are effective for the following fall or spring semester, and changes made during the summer sessions are effective for the following fall semester.

  • Students Changing FROM Forensic Science to something else are NOT required to meet with their Forensic Science advisor prior to changing their major. Students should contact the program to which they wish to change directly.
  • Students Changing TO Forensic Science from something else are required to meet with the Forensic Science advisor to finalize the change of major process to discuss the professional behavioral expectations associated with the major, their individual progression in required coursework, and impact to graduation timeline.  Students should register for a Change of Major Workshop at

If you are interested in the Forensic Science major, please review this presentation for more information about our major, concentrations, faculty, and behavioral expectations for the field.

Pre-professional programs

Students interested in a pre-professional program may select one of these advising tracks in addition to their current major. Attend a Program Interest Workshop for more information. Contact University Academic Advising with questions.

  • Pre-dentistry
  • Pre-law
  • Pre-medicine
  • Pre-optometry
  • Pre-physical therapy
  • Pre-veterinary medicine
  • Pre-occupational therapy
  • Pre-radiation science 


Foreign Language Waiver Appeal

VCU Students may ask that their high school foreign language courses be evaluated by completing the Language Verification Form

Transfer students must include an official copy of their high school transcript along with the completed Language Verification Form

Completed Language Verification Forms and Official (unopened) high school transcripts may be delivered or mailed directly to the Office of Student Services in Founder's Hall, Room 102 (827 W Franklin St)

All students entering VCU with prior knowledge of a foreign language who plan to enroll in respective foreign language classes at VCU must first take the Placement Test.

VCU students can take the foreign language placement test in French, German, Latin, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish in the World Studies Media Center Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm.

VCU students may take the test on a walk-in basis. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete a test.

Please read the Placement Guidelines before taking a placement test.

Bring your student ID.

Native and heritage speakers of languages other than French, German, Spanish, or Russian may be eligible to have the Foreign Language requirement waived. For more information, visit this site.

Historical Repeat Course Option

Students who repeat courses for which they earned a “D” or “F” grade must complete and submit this form at the beginning of the semester they repeat the course.

More information about the Repeat Course Option policy is located in the Bulletin.

You may make an appointment to bring this form to your advisor to discuss if you’d like, but you may submit the form to Records & Registration on your own.

The Historical Repeat Course Option Form

  • May be downloaded from the Records and Registration Website
  • May be obtained from the Forms Bins outside the Forensic Science Advising Office (Harris Hall South, 2nd floor)
  • May be obtained during an Advising Appointment with Lyndsay

This form should be turned in to the Records & Registration Dropbox in the Student Services Center on the first floor of Harris Hall; the Dropbox is located on the left-hand side adjacent to the computers

Historical Repeat Forms are due before the last week of classes in the semester you are repeating the course. We highly recommend that you turn this form in as soon as you are registered to repeat the course

Repeat coursework & Impact on Financial Aid

Under federal regulations, any course that has been passed with a “D” or higher can only be taken one additional time. Repeated attempts after that will not be eligible for financial aid.

FRSC 492 Independent Study & FRSC 493 Internship

The VCU Office of Research and Innovation has a great resource page for students interested in getting involved with research.  Check that out here.

The Department of Biology also provides information about Undergraduate Research, including these two tips about email ettiquette when requesting a meeting with faculty members to discuss getting involved.

Visit this page for details about FRSC 492 Independent Study

Visit this page for details about FRSC 493 Internship

Complete the Forensic Science Override Request Form Here
Department Override Policy

Department of Forensic Science Undergraduate Registration & Override Policy

  • All courses are open with limited seating throughout the advanced registration period.
  • Once a course fills (or a student is unable to register for any reason), students must request an override using the form located at  The form allows students to select the section and reason for which they are requesting an override (size, prerequisite, college/major/level restriction, etc.).

    • This process oftentimes identifies students who have not registered on time but need the course to graduate on time

  • Override requests are reviewed and monitored by the Undergraduate Academic Advisor and Associate Department Chair.


  1. Students graduating in the semester for which they are registering receive first priority.  After need for “graduating this semester” students is assessed, priority is given to students to facilitate them staying on track with prerequisite course sequencing.

Priority for remaining override consideration is based on concentration as listed below:

Forensic Biology

Forensic Chemistry

Physical Evidence

FRSC/Z 438

FRSC/Z 400

FRSC 309

FRSC 385


FRSC 365


FRSC 385


FRSC 410


FRSC 412


FRSC 566

  1. Priority for all FRSC and FRSZ courses will be given to students who register on time and are taking the class for the first time.


  1. Override requests for the following courses are evaluated by the Undergraduate Academic Advisor:

FRSC 300, FRSC 309, FRSC 325, FRSC 365, FRSC 375, FRSC 385, FRSC 391*, FRSC/Z 400, FRSC 410, FRSC 412, FRSC/Z 438, FRSC 445, FRSC 492¹, FRSC 493², FRSC 566*, FRSC 520*


* responsibility for these course overrides is shared with the Department Coordinator

Requests for any of the above courses should be sent through the request form.


¹FRSC 492 Independent Study Registration Process

For more information, visit this page.

  • Student meets with Faculty Mentor to discuss project and sign contract

  • Signed contract provided to Undergraduate Director

  • Undergraduate Director requests Academic Advisor provide necessary override for student

  • Proposal sent to Undergraduate Director by 5pm on the 7th business day following the start of classes for evaluation

  • Final Project sent to Undergraduate Director by the first day of final exams for archiving


²FRSC 493 Internship

For more information, visit this page.

  • Student obtains internship and completes contract

  • Student meets with Undergraduate Director

  • Undergraduate Director requests Academic Advisor provide necessary override for student


Override requests for Graduate level coursework (with the exception of FRSC 566 and FRSC 520) are managed by the Department Coordinator.


Request to Take Courses Outside VCU

Students who wish to complete coursework at an institution other than VCU must complete the Request to Take Courses Elsewhere Form

Students taking courses at an Institution outside VCU should consult the Course Equivalency Table.  IB, AP, and other sources of credit are addressed in the VCU Undergraduate Bulletin.

Upon completion, students must request that an official copy of their final transcripts is sent to the

VCU Transfer Center

900 Park Avenue

Box 842532

Richmond, VA 23284-2532

Students repeating coursework must be mindful that in order to qualify for the Historical Repeat Course Option, courses must be repeated at VCU.  Transfer coursework may satisfy the credit, but will not replace the first attempt in your VCU GPA.