Fall 2017 Schedule Announcements

Fall 2017 Schedule Announcements

  • HUMS 250 is now becoming ENGL 250; HUMS 250 is not on the schedule for this fall. ENGL 250 should automatically slot in Degree Works in your General Education and Core requirements.
  • Fall 2017 course for students interested in health professions.  An override is needed, and qualified students simply need to email Mr. Arif Fazel directly at afazel2@vcu.edu. 
  • UNIV 391 009: Fall 2017 Student Success Course taught by Forensic Science Career Liaison Jorge Piocuda Wednesdays from 10-10:50 in LFSCB 255
  • FRSC 391 001: Service Learning Students needed! Contact Jo jsmurphy@vcu.edu for more information
  • FRSC 391 002: Special Topics 3D Laser Scanning will be offered this fall from 12-2p on Tuesdays with Dr. Miller
  • FRSC 505: Forensic Entomology will be offered this fall from 9a-12p on Thursdays with Dr. Singh
  • ICA Arts Short Course for Non-Majors The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) has built out a one-credit hybrid course for the Fall 2017 semester.  This online course will meet twice during the semester, and can be found by selecting 'arts cross-disciplinary' from the Schedule of Classes. What’s in a Museum ARTS 291-901 CRN 36963 ​1 credit short course​ Online + 2 meetings​, Wednesday 8/30 and 9/27 4-6:40pm
  • CHEM 309 Companion CourseThe CHEM 391 workshop offered this Fall will meet twice each week in-class on Tuesday and Friday from 1:00 -2:50 pm
  • CHEM 391-901 Exploring Frontiers in Chemistry (2-cr) - M - 5:30 - 6:45 pm - Instructor: Dr. Katharine Tibbetts and LaChelle Waller.  The prerequisites are Gen Chem 101-102 with labs  and Math 151 (Grades of C and above).
How to Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes


Log into eServices using your myVCU portal.  Use this process first.

There is a digital tutorial for Schedule Planner here 

  1. Select the Student tab

  2. Go to Registration

  3. Select Schedule Planner

  4. >>Fall 2017

  5. >>Monroe Park Campus

  6. Use the ‘Add Course’ function to look for the courses listed above

  7. Once you’ve added all the courses recommended on your transfer sheet, make sure they all have checks in the boxes next to them to include them in your schedule in the Schedule Planner software

  8. Select ‘Generate Schedules’


Possible Error messages:

  • XXXX 000 does not have any available options with the settings you have selected. Click 'View/Edit' in the courses grid to view options”

    • this may happen if the only times for this course overlap with others you’ve selected or if all sections of this course are full

    • what do you do? uncheck the box next to this course name and select ‘Generate Schedules’ again to create a schedule excluding this conflict then use the process listed below to add the conflicting course.


To add a course or make changes to your schedule later, use this process.

There is a digital tutorial for this process here.

  1. Select the Student tab

  2. Go to Registration

  3. Select Look up Classes

  4. >>Fall 2017

  5. Use the menu to look for the department in which the course is housed

  6. Select ‘View Sections’ of the specific course you’re looking for

  7. Once you find the section you wish to register for, place a checkmark in the box to the left of that section

  8. Select ‘Register’ at the bottom of the page to enroll in the course


Possible Error messages:

  • There is a C instead of an open box next to the section you want

    • this section is closed

    • what do you do? look for another section that fits in your schedule. Not an option?  Keep watching until Add/Drop as other students make changes to their schedules - a seat may become available.


To drop a course :

reminder: this must be done before August 30 at 11:59pm to avoid financial and grade implications

this is the end of the add/drop period for the fall semester

  1. Select the Student tab

  2. Go to Registration

  3. Select Add or Drop Classes

  4. Use the dropdown menu next to the course you wish to drop to select ‘Web Drop’


Departmental Course Offerings (what's taught when)

Some courses are only offered in specific semesters.  

Please use this document to guide your degree planning process.

Failure to plan accordingly will impact your graduation date.

Course Sequencing

Guides for appropriate course sequencing along with projected graduation timelines can be found at this link.

Please note: this is a suggested timeline and will vary depending on each student's progress in the major.  

Not all required courses are listed; listed courses indicate the last possible semester the course can be taken to still meet a particular graduation goal.

The Sequencing Guide can be accessed here.

How do I know what classes to take?Concentration Elective Options
A note about Concentration Electives

Depending on a student's chosen concentration, elective credits may be required.

Because a course is on this list does not imply that it is the most applicable choice for you. We encourage you to think about what coursework will best prepare you for your career.

Note: on your Degree Works page, Advanced Credits are now called Concentration Electives.

Courses are not guaranteed to be taught in all semesters; please see notes about availability.

This list was generated based on historical offerings. Course availability is subject to change; this list should be used for planning purposes and schedules should be made in consultation with your advisor.

Pre/co-requisites should be checked in the University Undergraduate Bulletin.

If you wish to register for one of these courses and cannot, please see information on this page about Override Requests.

Click here to access the list of Concentration Elective Options

Not sure what buildings your classes are in? Use this guide to decode your schedule!Experiential Fine Art Elective Options for non-Arts-majors
Music Classes for Non-Music Majors

Yes! Music classes will satisfy your experiental fine arts requirement!

Check out this list of Music Classes for non majors for on-the-stage and in-the-classroom courses open to non-music majors. This is a great opportunity for musically-inclined students to fulfill their experiential arts requirement!

For more information, please contact the Music Department at music@vcu.edu.

FRSC 492: Independent StudyFRSC 492: Internship