ARAC Appeals

If you wish to appeal to waive an academic regulation, this appeal must be made to the Academic Regulations Appeals Committee. Examples of such appeals include retroactive withdrawals from classes waiver of the continuance policy following a suspension, and waiver of the last 25 percent residency requirement for courses taken at VCU.

For more information or to contact the College’s ARAC representative, send an e-mail request to, or contact the Office of Student Services by calling (804) 827-8211 or visiting the office in Founders Hall, Room 102.

To initiate this process

  1. Email to initiate the ARAC process
  2. Begin gathering documentation to support your appeal
  3. Print a copy of your unofficial transcripts from eServices
  4. Write a letter explaining your request using the instructions provided by HSARAC
  5. Schedule an appointment with your Advisor (Lyndsay) to discuss your petition and letter
    • Please bring at least a draft letter with you to your initial appointment

Following your initial advising appointment, you will be provided with further instructions.

Please Note: as your Academic Advisor, I am unable to provide recommendation or signature until your packet until it is complete

SAP Appeals

To be eligible to receive financial aid at VCU, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress. VCU’s SAP policy is based on federal criteria and applies to all financial aid recipients.

A student whose eligibility for financial aid has been suspended may submit an appeal if mitigating circumstances prevented the student from achieving satisfactory academic progress.

The SAP Appeal packet should be submitted to the VCU Office of Financial Aid within 30 days after receiving the financial aid suspension letter.

SAP for undergraduate and graduate students is measured by:

  1. GPA
    • Undergraduates: Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (transfer hours included)
    • Graduate students: Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  2.  Completion rate
    • Students must complete at least 67 percent of their overall attempted hours at VCU. Transfer hours are included.
  3.  Maximum credits of eligibility
    • Students must not attempt more than 150 percent of the hours required for their degree program, including transfer and AP credit hours. For example, a student in a program that requires 120 credit hours will have eligibility for aid suspended after attempting more than 180 credit hours.
  4.  Repeat coursework
    • Under federal regulations, any course that has been passed with a “D” or higher can only be taken one additional time. Repeated attempts after that will not be eligible for financial aid.
    • Please review information about the Historical Repeat Course Option for any repeated coursework and discuss financing a third attempt with your family. Please also discuss the impact repeated coursework will have on your graduation date with your Academic Advisor.

SAP appeals and supporting documentation should be received by the Office of Financial Aid by Nov. 20 for the fall semester and April 16 for the spring semester. If reinstatement of aid is sought for the summer session, the appeal must be submitted prior to the first day of classes for that term. Any appeals received after these dates will be considered for the following semester or term.

In order to submit your SAP Appeal, you must first meet with your Academic Advisor.

Please select "SAP/Financial Aid" as the reason for your Appointment.

If you wish to expedite this process, please bring all paperwork to your scheduled advising appointment.

As your Academic Advisor, I am unable to sign incomplete and/or inaccurate paperwork.

Process for Complaints

When a problem arises, we encourage students to address their concern(s) directly with the other party involved.

If that would not be appropriate or helpful, we suggest the following contacts depending on the nature of the situation.

  1. Students should address the issue with the other party involved.  If this is not appropriate or helpful,

  2. Students can reach out to a contact within the Department of Forensic Science


Department Advisor

Undergraduate Director

Department Associate Chair

Department Chair

Lyndsay Durham

Catherine Connon


Point of Contact


Point of Contact  


Tal Simmons







  1. If a student does not feel their issue has been resolved after completing steps 1 and 2 - or does not feel comfortable discussing their situation within the Department, they are encouraged to contact the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs.


College of Humanities and Sciences

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

James Mays



Please also view the Resource Guide to ensure you find the support you need.