Susan A Greenspoon, Ph.D.


Affiliate Assistant Research Professor
(804) 786-4707 ext. 20456

Susan Greenspoon received her Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of Texas at Austin and her Ph.D. in molecular biology with a minor in genetics from Indiana University at Bloomington. She followed that with a post-doc at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.


Professional experience
Dr. Greenspoon is a forensic molecular biologist at the Virginia Department of Forensic Science where she has been employed in that capacity since 2001. Her primary roles are to investigate new technologies, validate new technologies, develop implementation and training programs and perform statistical analyses for criminal paternity and relationship cases, as well as a number of other functions. Prior to employment at the Department, she worked as a casework examiner and the DNA Technical Manager at the Forensic Services Division of the Detroit Police Department. There, she oversaw the technical operations for the DNA unit and performed casework analysis on a wide variety of criminal cases.


Professional accomplishments
Dr. Greenspoon has been an appointed editorial board member of the Journal of Forensic Sciences since 2000. She has also been an invited reviewer for both forensic science and basic scientific journals and has published many articles in forensic journals. She has been an invited member of the AABB Relationship Testing Standards Program Unit committee since 2006, is a member of the DNA Technical Working Group for the National Institute of Justice, and is a member of the OSAC subcommittee of DNA methodology. She has presented numerous times at major forensic conferences and has testified as an expert witness in courts of law in Virginia and Michigan. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.



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