Professional development fund

A Professional Development Scholarship Fund for Graduate Students was established in 2014.  Contributions to this scholarship fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a friend of the Department.  The goal of this fund is to support every graduate student to attend a national conference with all expenses paid. 

Most graduate students already plan to attend a professional conference to present the results of the research they conduct while at VCU, however university and department funds to support travel are limited.  Attendance at a conference encourages students to be significantly and actively engaged in the future of the forensic science community, widens and strengthens their knowledge base, and increases their professional confidence.  Many students also meet their future employers at professional conferences.

Contributions to the Professional Development Scholarship Fund will provide a long-term positive impact to the professional lives of our students, and as a result, promote and strengthen VCU’s Department of Forensic Science and the Forensic Science Community.